Fatifishco is one of the leading exporters of pangasius fish in Vietnam

Our products are currently available in over 50 countries and territories


We uphold Vietnamese traditional values, which have motivated us to carry out our mission.


We do what we say, and we say what we think. This is the guiding principle to the good things we bring.


Fatifish is proud to provide customers and partners not only with products as promised, but also with almost 24/7 support services.


With our position and reputation, we always maintain the highest stability in production quantity and quality, which is a challenge to others in the same industry.


Fatifish is proud to own a team of employees and workers with a lot of experience in the seafood industry in Vietnam. This turns us into a family, unifying, linking the company's core goals with the success of partners and customer satisfaction.


We always challenge ourselves and overcome our limits by constantly thinking forward, combining experience and technology, to always be a pioneer in revolutionary work in the fishery and seafood industry.


We find inspiration and energy to contribute from the work we are doing, thereby attaching our highest responsibility in each stage of production, to each product made.


We care and strive to align the company's development with the benefits of the community and the environment because we consider ourselves an indispensable supporting part of these two factors.

sustainability COMMITMENT

Our Slogan Reflects Our Mission: to share, care and connect people everywhere through sharing and experiencing delicious dishes made with Fatifish’s pangasius fish. This is a simple but profound message that we want to convey to partners and customers all around the world.

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